asrul is a very honest boy.he is also my classmate.last weekend,asrul went to the night market with his mother.after bought some foods they returned to their car.when he walked towards his car,he suddenly saw a man in front of him.he was taking his car key from his pocket.unfortunately,the man didn't realised that his wallet was dropped into floor. so he ran quickly and picked up the wallet.then he took it and chased after the man.the man suddenly turn and was suprised to see him.he saw the boy was running toward him with something in his hands. asrul took the wallet and returned it to him.the man was very shocked when saw asrul gave it to him.the man also felt happy and he offered one hundred ringgit to him as a reward for his honesty .but asrul refused to receive it.so the man thanked him again and asrul was very proud of himself .