1.Transitive verb :

1).Richard annoys his boss so much that he’ll never get a promotion.
  (His boss is the direct object of annoys and a promotion is the direct object of get)

2).Jenna brings Mrs. Smith lunch every day.
  (Mrs. Smith is the direct object of brings. Jenna is the subject.)

2.Intransitive verb

1).If Cathy continues to be late for work, the boss will fire her.
   (Continues is followed by an infinitive (to be), with no direct object.)

2).The bomb exploded in the city center.
    (Exploded is followed by a preposition of place with no direct object.)

1.Jamie set the documents down on the CEO’s desk.
(Transitive: The documents are the direct object to the verb: set.)

2.The sun set low over the Pacific Ocean.
(Intransitive: Low is an adverb. Set doesn’t need a direct object.)

3.Ms. Tyson manages the accounting department.
(Transitive: The accounting department is the direct object to the   verb: manage.)

4.John has had difficulty managing since his wife’s death.
(Intransitive: Since is a preposition of time. Managing doesn’t need a direct   object)
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