zarul's health scare

1) busy-work-skip-meal
2) after work-fast food-oily but delicious
3) watching television-refused-bowling-put on weight
4) difficulty breathing-sweated-fainted
5) high cholesterol level-advised-change-lifestyle
6)drinking water-exercising-feels healthier



Zarul busy on his work and doesn't care if he skip he's meal. After a busy work on the office he refused to eat fast food, and think "this food is oily but delicious to eat." After one week eating fast food he getting fatter and lazy to go the work. He decide to watching televisyion and refused to bowling and put on his weight. After one month, he dificult to breathing, always sweated all night and he always in fainted and he decide to go to the hospital with taxi. After go to the hospital, the doctor tell Zarul that he had a high cholestrol. He so sad toknow that. The doctor tell him some advised and how to change his lifestyle. The doctor tell him advised about always drinking plain water and 5 time excersices in one week. Zarul always do what the doctor tell him to do. After two week he feel healthier. After that he don't want to eat fast food anymore.
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