1. A sample of food was ground up with a little water, and separate samples of the resulting pulp were tested with Benedict's solution and iodine solution. In each case, the result, mixture was blue. What information does this give you about the food sample?
2. You want to identify the types of sugar found in orange juice. How are you going to determine it?

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NO1. What I know is.. the food sample has starch. We used iodin solution to test starch. Iodin's colour was brown. If there was starch in it, it will turns to blue-black or purple solution. To test glucose, we use benedict. But, if there was glucose in it, benedict' colour which is blue will turns to brick-red precipite. But from your question, that two samples' result was BLUE. So, iodin solution was change, it means it have starch in it and benedict solution was not change, it means there was no glucose in it. Just for ur info, for protein we use millon solition.
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