ways to overcome road accidents

Obey traffic rules
. Traffic rules have been designed with safety foremost in mind. It takes into account safety for all, including pedestrians. Follow the lane, and keep the required distance between vehicles.  It is important to display appropriate indications/signals especially while changing lanes or before a turn. Respect for other drivers on the road is sacrosanct to road safety.

Wear seat belts. Seat belts are life saving. A statistic has revealed that 63% of those who died in accidents had not strapped on their seat belts. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), lap-shoulder belt systems cut the risk of serious injury and fatality by 50 percent. Seat belts help in protecting the internal organs in a crash as it restrains the forward movement of the body to a great extent. It protects against head and neck injuries by minimizing head contacts and keeps the passenger in place.