Diagram 12.2 shows two canopies with different colours.As a wedding planner ,you are required to choose one colour of canopy to be used during the wedding ceremony of your customer.Which colour of canopy is more suitable to keep the canopy cool when it is placed outside the house and makes the guests feel comfortable?Justify your opinion using the result of the experiment in 12(c).
(Satu ialah white canopy ,satu ialah black canopy)



I wil choose blue colours because it is my favourite colour
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Sy akn pilih warna putih sbb hitam cpt serap matahari jd akn cpt rasa panas tu klu pakai warna hitam...
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saya ta tau ,tak pa lah saya nanti cikgu bincang
OK... :)
blh bg jawapan paling bijak x?
tak faham?
blh tekan btg kuning kat sy..