Past few days, there is a boy who found a wallet in the drain, while he is on his way back.so,he kept that carefully and when straight back home.while he was walking, he past by a shop that he normally visit whenever his heading back home.he went in that shop and he buy some stuff to munch while walking.after a few rows of shops he notice a guy that looks like he is having a problem and he wasn't brave enough to talk to him because his mom always says that never talk to strangers when you're heading back home.

the next day he when to school he brings the wallet and ask his teacher about it and there is no response from any of the teacher.he would like to ask his friends about the wallet but he already know that this is not belong to any of them and if he ask his friends there might lie about this and they get the wallet just for the money.

so he ask a teacher for an advise and the teacher says to him that he should continues his searching for the owner of the wallet.well the ring has just started and its time where he head back home. the incident that he saw yesterday happend again where he found a man is having a problem.so,he never give up and ask that guy''excuse me sir,could on something?''and he replies ''oh ya i hope,thanks for your kindness.i was actually looking for a wallet that my son lost yesterday.that time he was heading back and he said that his wallet lost while he was heading back'' so that boy says thank to his god that he finally found the owner and give the owner back.

the owner was so happy and he gave an ice-cream to that boy for a blessing.and send him back home.when he reach his home his mother found out that he went home with a stranger and she was mad.so the owner of the wallet explain everything and everything is fine now. 

''excuse me sir could i help you on something''