*The everlasting quality of a photograph
 ~A photograph immortalises a person or a moment. What is captured in a 
   photograph will remain alive forever.
~In the poem, the persona's grandmother had already passed away. However, in 
  the photograph, she will always be healthy and alive.
~A photograph also allows us to reflect on  what happened in the past and relieve 
  our memories.

~Death is a definite outcome for all of us.
~In the poem, the persona recalls how her grandmother was once strong and
  healthy but soon grows older and becomes ill.
~In the end, the grandmother passes away and the persona is only able to relive
  her memories with her grandmother through a photograph.

*No specific time frame is mentioned although it can be surmised that the persona in the present and is having recollections of her childhood as she looks at the photograph.
*No specific place id mentioned but it most likely occurs in the persona's home where old photographs are kept.

*Tone is the poet's attitude towards the subject.
*In the first stanza, the tone is descriptive where the persona describes the photograph in detail. In the second stanza, there is a tone of sadness as the persona remembered the decline of her grandmother's healthy until her death. In the last stanza, the persona seems to accept that her grandmother has passed away but remains positive that her grandmother will always be alive in her memories.