Um...are you perhaps 11 years old this year?If yes then,the format for your UPSR might be different because the government has make a new system starting next year.But,I can still help you about the question you ask.Your first step is you must read the information on things you have to choose for at least 3 times and then pick the one you think is easier for you to describe.For example,the color,the price,the benefit and also the circumstances.I'll give you another example,which is if the question is for you to pick a present for your brother's birthday,you must pick a present that you think would suit boys or if it already gave you a choice to pick one T-shirt out of three, you can pick the one with the cheapest price(save money),the most expensive(high quality) or you can pick the one with the price that is in between expensive and cheap(affordable).I would recommend the one with the in between price.If you have any more question you are free to ask me...
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