Last holiday, my friends and I went on a trip at Ulu Yam Waterfall.We gathered at the bust station early in the morning. The journey there took an hour and half. It was our my first trip together with my friend. Everyone was so excited with this trip. We brought the snacks and drinks from home. Upon arriving there we we're serve captivated by the scenic view of hills and forests. It,s really make me The beautiful scenery impressed me. The bird chirping of birds and the sound of the waterfall made me feel in at peace. Ulu Ayam Waterfall was a famous for its beautiful recreation park among tourists. We do many things there. We hiked the hills, swimming swam at the waterfalls and many else more. As we swam at the waterfall, suddenly the rain started pouring. We ran to find a safe shelter. It, s was funny and fun to see a few of my friends running and trying to save the foods that had been wet because of the rain. (..the food was wet because of the rain.) After a few minutes, the rain stopped pouring. We had a small barbecue near the waterfalls. We rested for a while after eating. Before we went home, we hiked up the hills. We found many unique fauna flora like a wild orchid. We went home in the evening. We feel felt really sad leaving the Ulu Ayam Waterfall. While in the bus, we all agreed to come again there. Although it was tiring, it was a precious and fun trip.
   Last Sunday,my family and I went to water fall to picnic at there.We enjoy at there.My sister and I enjoying bath in the water.     

saya pandai dalam bahasa inggeris tapi saya tidak sempat menulis karangan berkelah di air terjun.
saya yakin UPSR ini saya akan mengambil 5A kalau saya mengambil 5A dalam UPSR keluarga saya akan gembira sangat.