Please ... someone please outline for the essay from which I was to be

I thank you very much if you all please do ..

my body for 10 points

thank you ......


-RM 100
-makes actions fighting with a monster
-needs three big batteries
-can be run electricity
-Toys Games Shop
-free monster toy


-RM 150
-climbs up the wall,produces sounds
-need five medium batteries
-cannot be run by electricity
-Camereron Toy Shop
-free Spiderkid stickers

3.Ninja Boy

-RM 120
-walks for five minutes,moves its hands
-need two small batteries
-can be run by electricity
-Imperial; Toy Shop
-free colouring book on Ninja Boy

you must create three essay from which I outline for .

I hope to answer many of my questions ...

jawab please
Sorry sangat
Sy x tau
lebih baik kalau awk pilih yg paling murah


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I could choose ninja boy because i love only rm120. altough it is moderate value.i can buy it by my saving money. the ninja boy will wak five minutes and moves it only need two small battery. i can use some battey at my home to funtion also can be run by electricity. so i can use eletricity if i don't have battery. i can get it from toy shop. it only 500 metre from my house. so i can go anytime to get it.i also get a colouring book on ninja boy.  my hobby is colouring, so i can use the colouring book to fell up my hoddy with leisure time.this is the reason for my choose.