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Well you could start off with describing what the camping trip was for. it could be one organized by your school. Let's  say Scout camping trip.

Describe what the camping was for. Probably, as a means to attract more students to join the Scout Organization, or a mean for members to blow off some steam, as the exam is just around the corner.

- on the day of the trip, there were registration booth, you and your friends took a bus to the camp site. The journey was very beautiful, you enjoyed the ride.

- arriving at the camp site, it was near dawn, so some were tasked with setting up cam, others to cook. by nightfall everyone had wonderfull dinner, and sat around a bonfire. everyone shared stories

- the next day, a fun day activities were planned. Skills learned in scout class were utilized. mainly on tying knots and build structures. You won a prize for your excellent performance.


As you rode the bus back home, you were glad that you joined scouts. it was such a wonderful time, you learn lots. and hope will be able to join it again next year.
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