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Throughout their journey to Stanger, Dadi-ma reminisced how she used to live in Stanger with her good friend, Ratnadevi. She hopes that she could stay with her at Stanger. She felt that moving there is the right move for Chotoo to breathe clean air and just to run free.


When she arrived in Stanger, everything is so different. The market and the bus stop that she used to use before were no longer there. In the bus, Dadi-ma asked a woman direction to Ratnadevi’s house. She is surprised to see that the house is no longer there and is replaced with big mansion. 
Dadi-ma sat in front of a big house that is used to be Ratnadevi’s house. She sat there for a while because she is so tired she felt some pain her body.
Knowing that Dadi-ma is the only family that Chotoo has, he is worried for Dadi-ma and he knew then that things would never be all right again.
- Dadi-ma calling Chotoo, her grandson and talk to him about moving to Stanger. Dadi-ma has not pay the rent for four months, so Mr Naidoo, the owner of the building ask them to move out if they still cannot pay the rent. 

- Neela, Chotoo’s mother died because of disease and Sonny, Chotoo’s father is in jail due to a crime he committed. Dadi-ma is the only family that Chotoo has right now. 
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