You witnessed a little girl lost in shopping mall.Write about the incident
when writing about the incident,you should:
.describe what happened
.describe the reaction of the passers-bye
.suggest ways to prevent such incidents from happening
.write between 120-150 words



Last Sunday when i was walking around a shopping mall with my friends, i saw a female child crying in the middle of the corridor.The shopper just walked pass by the little girl like the girl is invisible.

Her parents must be worried about her, so i decided to bring her to the information counter and ask the staff for help. So, the staff gave shout about the detailed of the little girl using the public address system. 30 minutes later the shout, a couple had came for her and said thanks to me.

These incident can be prevent by making our children wearing a necklace with his/her name, parents' phone number so that anyone who found them know that they can call the child's parents. We can also equip the child with a tracking device so that his/her parents will know where are them and it's make them easier to find their child. But most important of all, parents should hold their child's hand firmly since it's the best way to keep their child in their sight.
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