Karen:hi lee,how are you...didn't see you for quite a long time
lee:i am fine....what about you?
karen:i am fine too....but juz little bit busy last week
lee:what was u busy with?
karen:my exams preparation.but now it's holiday..i gonna have fun
lee:where you going for holiday?
karen:i am going to oversea--united states of america
lee:ouh wow..that's sounds great!where is the places that you gonna visit?
karen:i am going to visit palces such as statue of liberty,walt disney world,golden gate bridge..
lee:i am so intrested in it..
karen:i am sooo excited because i love shopping and the best place for me to shop is the one and only one----times square.....
lee:i know,girls go gaga over shopping.
karen:that's right
lee:alright bye karen..have fun in your holiday
karen:thanks lee...goodbye
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