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Question on "Fighter's Lines"

1.what worthy cause was the persona involved in?
2.what is the persona's physical condition?
3.according to the persona.what had been sacrificed in the cause fought for?
4.who does the persons call on to safeguard the country?why?
5.what are the 2 things the persona wants the young people to do in the name of justice
6.what promblem does the persona feels is plaguing the country?
7.why does the persona consider the current problems as too big challenge for him?
8.what do you think the country would lose if ' the heirs of our freedom' do not do anything?
9.the persona is reflecting on patriotism.how has he shown his patrotism?
10.how does the persona want the younger generation to emulate him and his compatriots?


5. stay unite , do something about the cause of the problems
2. weak and bound to the wheelchair
8. he saw something happen but he can't do anything about it as he can't move much
9. He sacrificed his own life for the country
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