The biggest Chinese temple in town The temple is the biggest Chinese temple in Tanjung Piandang fishing village.Last time, the temple was smaller with the main entrance facing north and there are some houses surround it. Many years ago, a fire has destroyed the surrounded houses. Based on the feng shui matter, the villagers'...  more     Admire and appreciate the craftmanship Do stop to visit the biggest Chinese temple, to admire and appreciate the finest craftmanship and paintings that embellish the temple. The main construction has completed, however the touch up and the painting work is continued. It is a huge project to build this temple, the artists and sculptors from...  more     Sungai Burung Fishing Village Sungai Burung is a small village between Tanjung Piandang and Kuala Kurau. It is a coastal village where villagers are padi farmers and fishermen. Fishermen use small fishing boat, they could only go out when the sea is fair and not too far. The local government and the fishery department is...  more