The word hard in hardship is a tip-off to its meaning: something that’s a hardship is hard. It could be hard work that you do for a larger goal — like training for the marathon — or it could be a situation that’s hard to endure. If you lose your job, you could end up experiencing financial hardship. Sometimes a hardship is something that just happens, like the hardship people suffer following a disaster.
t is subjective. It depends on who is suffering the hardship, when, for how long... there are many factors.

For someone who lives in a modern house in a modern city, hardship would start if services and utilities were cut off for a long time. For someone living in the jungle, hardship is there when the river runs dry or if wild animals wreck the huts.

For someone who works driving a truck, there's hardship if there is no money to repair the vehicle. For someone who has never owned a vehicle, hardship is when they break an ankle and cannot get to their food source.

See? It's different, depending on the circumstances, persons and events.

Now how a person regards hardship is another aspect of this. The person in each case above can treat hardship in a weak way, and crumble the minute things start to go wrong. They will complain and cry and the show is over for them. But others might roll with the punches and simply try to find solutions, trying to stay cheerful while they battle with the pain and other discomfort.

Two different people might treat the same form of hardship in totally different ways. The hardship exists: it's not in their minds. But how they TREAT it is different.

I hope this helps.