What the characteristic of dad in 'one is one and all alone' (short story). Give 6 characteristic.

I just want the characteristic, ciri-ciri. contoh, busy-man and caring..
susahlah. sebab dad is minor character in that story.
hahah ok2 x pe lagipun saya dah siap hw tu
Oh oky


- A minor character in the short story.
- Busy and preoccupied with work as the captain of the spaceship.
- Tries to spend time with Trish, his daughter at the diner, indulging her with chocolate milkshakes.
- Does not realise that Trish has beenreplaced by Clo at the end of the story.
- Caring person as he’s always poking his head round Trish’s door and asking Trish   about her life.
- He is a multi-tasker, talking to Trish as well as perusing computer printouts at the same time.
- He fails to show his love and Trish is disappointed because of that.
- he's the captain of the spaceship Tris and him are flying to Trion.
-he loves tris 
-he misses is wife who is currently at Trion
-he tries his best to make Tris not feel bored as she is the youngest on the ship.
-he always peeps to see if Tris is doing fine.
-he is a responsible father and a hardworking man