Hello Qayyumakhlaqen,

You may say 'little did I know, I lost in my journey....'
I walk in a place where the name of the place is Kota Damansara, at one point I walked the streets alone. because I walked a little away from the house suddenly there was a man chasing me, I ran headlong. my heart began to anxiety and hoarding everywhere where I grew worried. This long-running I was lost in another city. apparently already running and chased me away. I just sat down to hunger. then there was a policeman called me to enter into his car. and I also order. in the course of police questioning "of the city where you are?", I answered Kota Damansara only. arrived at the police station I saw my mother's car. I invite the police to enter into it. I saw my mother and father in a state of worry and came to hug me.