During this time the water has always been something very useful and needed for the whole human race, given how people living in dry areas without clean water can only bewail their fate cross-legged in the absence of clean water, they can only hope the existence of Government assistancewho willingly share clean water to them, or which make great gift of rain for them. Even in a regionwhere people drink from the urine of cows. Really sad.But it is another story if the water came up with the amount of the excess that will cause impactdamage and harm to the surrounding community. In Indonesia or rather of Jakarta City, flooding is a problem that often hit the people. Where every time a flood hit, then it will impact the troubledsociety. Today, most of the flood that hit the community is troublesome and floods resulting from the seeds of the troubles that have grown the community itself.The flooding comes from excess middens in the gutter, mining that continues to erode the soil layerto the surface of the ground, causing a decrease in illegal logging that continues to eat away at the jungle. It is all the seeds the man planting a long time ago and finally harvested by the younger generation.The process of flooding yourself occurs when the rainy season comes and caused water sourcessuch as rivers, seas, lakesand ditches no longer holds water that down. Bare soil withoutovergrown trees will speed up the process of the frequent air times, since trees should absorb thewater to be used as ingredients of photosynthesis has gone and made a cut down material furniture.When water no longer can hold, the water will overflow and drain into the settlement, causing an impact that is not arguably a bit.Floods on a large scale would cause harm and damage to the population. If the water is overflowingthe sources come from  waste water, the flood will cause disease such as itching, diarrhea and so on.There is also a flood that occurs because the leaking dike retaining water, when the embankment is no longer able to hold the mass of the water that continues to grow.So, who exactly is to blame? Most communities often blame the Government over the occurrence offloods that hit their area. Blaming the Government for not providing adequate facilities to preventflooding. However, try to re-think.If the community itself does not create a tumpukkan garbage in water sources such as rivers,ditches, even the sea, flood as happening in Jakarta would not have happened. If the community does not conduct illegal logging of the rainforests of Borneo will be complete with coal mining hisunbridled, Borneo rain forest will not be turned into an artificial lake as of now.
A FLOOD       
               It was the worst rainy weather that I had seen. The skies remained overcast as sheets of rain poured down without stopping. In the evenings, the rain usually accompanied by blinding flashes of lightning and deafening peals of thunder. Most of the residents in my area remained confined indoors. Apart from people scurrying to and from work and school, there was little outdoor activity.     
        After about a few days of incessant rain, the swollen river burst its banks and unleashed its fury on the residents. Many of the residents ere caught off-guard. As the floodwaters rose, the water started gushing into their homes. The flood swept away everything in path such as rubbish bins and small pots of plants. Cars parked along the roads were half-submerged.

        Everyone tried to shift their things to higher level but their efforts were in vain. There was not enough time as the flood water was moving fast. Everyone could only save themselves. Many residents managed to climb up to the rooftop. Rescue boats were nowhere in sight. Some people were soaking wet while some managed to wait under an umbrella.

       Soon, the rescue boats came and picked up the residents to a flood relief centre which crowded with people. After about a day of heavy downpour, the rains finally showed signs of abating. The overcast skies finally cleared. So, everyone started to return to their homes.

       In the event of flood, we need to take precautions to stay safe. People could easily get drowned in a flood. So, it is important not to walk or wade through flood waters. We can also avoid from electrocution by stay away from power lines and electrical wires.