Oh...psal bi tu -pocket money - -road safety -movies -listening to the radio -tuition classes -school rules -prefects -local cuisine -3R(reduce,reuse,recycle) -ways to keep in touch with your friends -pets -nature -newspaper -keys to success -my ambition -a leader I admire -my collection -internet -childhood -pollution -mobile phones -cleanliness -sports -home safety tips -travelling -co-curricular activities -hobies -family -school -unforgettable experience -fruits -reading -smoking -places of interest -teenagers -healthy eating -health -favourite country -education -books -honesty -television -food -communication skills -friends -culture -deforestation -love -music -gardening
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Isn't this last year's? @fareedfkrefox
yes but my teacher said 40% that same questions will be asked
Ohh..haha thanks man ;)
welcome ^-^
I was already done my oral..music, discipline, littering, surfing internet, ambition, festival, favourite subject, camping trip, sport..this the topics are coming out for oral pt3 2015
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