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   One day, while waiting for a friend at the bus stop, I witnessed two men on a motorcycle try to snatch a woman's handbag. The whole incident happened very fast but I remember it well.
   A woman was walking on the pavement. She had her handbag on her left shoulder. Just then, I noticed two men on a motorcycle coming up from behind her. Suddenly, the pillion rider reached out for her handbag.
   I was shocked and I could do was scream. The woman turned around so the thief could not grab her handbag. When she realised what was happening, she rushed to the bus stop. There were many people there so she must have felt it safer there. The thieves quickly rode off.
   Later, the woman thanked me for screaming because it foiled the thieves' plan. I thought about other ways to keep safe. We should walk on the pavement facing the traffic so we can see the oncoming vehicles. We shouldn't carry our valuables in plain view as it is a temptation to unscrupulous people.
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3rd paragraph *I was shocked and all I could do was scream.
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