-3 meals
-keeping class clean(cleanliness)

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Hi, well word around brainly on the possible topics to be asked are many (and let's leave that for others to add later in the comment section),  I have several tips that might hopefully be valuable.   In any oral examination what really helps to boost your confidence, that includes fluency, grammar etc, is substance to what you are saying. That is, whether or not you are making sense, and is what you're saying by any moral standard is legit.   How I went about practicing is first

1. Prepare several random topics that you anticipate might come out (education, sports, industry, health, etc - on this, you need to do some research in brainly discussions)
2. From all of the topics above, try to come out with 5 universal positive values.
3. Prepare a response that is both concise and easy for you to remember
Why? As values are indeed universal, you will be able, to use similar response for various topics.
All you need to do is tweak them ever so slightly for different topics given.
For example - Positive value : "Hard work always pays off"

1. Education - students who put efforts into their studies are always rewarded with great academic achievement
2. Sport - Athletes putting hours into their training, will be able to perform well
3. Industry - The fishery industry are consist of hardworking men who goes out early in the morning to fish.
As long as you have a sort of frame work in your head on possible choices on what to say, it is very unlikely you would hit the wall and get stuck.   Hope this helps! Goodluck :)