Malaysians love to celebrate, and most importantly, we love our Public Holidays. We love all kinds of festivals and thank God we are from various ethnics, cultures and religious backgrounds. But whatever these festivals are, the most common things that bind them are Public Holidays and Open House concept.

1. Hari Raya Aidilfitri
- celebration of Muslim after fulfilling the obligation of fasting for the whole month of Ramadhan.
- family members will ask forgiveness
- wear colourful traditional clothes
- 'lemang', 'rendang' and 'ketupat' are the traditional foods
- 'duit raya' is given to kids

2. Thaipusam
- celebrated by Hindus
- celebration of good over evil
- the word 'Thai' is referred to the Tamil month and the 'Pusam' is referred to the brightest star during the month
- some devotees fast a month, some shave their heads
- carry 'kavadis', the famous temple is Batu Caves temple which gains popularity of millions of visitors every year.

3. Chinese New Year
- also known as Lunar New Year
- most important annual festival for Chinese'
- houses are cleaned and decorated
- reunion dinner on the eve of CNY
- wear dresses red in colour to scare away the evil spirits
- 'angpau' are given from married couples
- famous lion dance or dragon dance
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It have variety of food  and it so rousing..