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The poem begins with the soldiers charging forward on their horses. The repetition of the phrase half a league gives a rhythmic quality of the horses galloping. The soldiers are introduced as The Light Brigade and there are six hundred of them. They are taking orders from their commander, who is not named, to attack their enemies and seize their guns. It is a very dangerous situation and the soldiers could very well end up dead. The second stanza begims with the same command being repeated which gives a sense of urgency to the reader. The poet asks a question that is perhaps on the reader's mind - Were the soldiers afraid? Then he gives the answer that none of the soldiers lost their courage even tgough they knew that the plan was a mistake. However, it is not explained from whom the command comes from. The soldiers are loyal and brave men who know that it is not their place to question the order. They simply obey the command even though they are aware that death awaits them. Surrounded by the enemy from all sides and being attacked by bullets and explosive, the soldiers ride on bravely, despite knowing that they are riding to their inevitable death.
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