1)Suggest one more animal which can be reared to control the pests in oil palm plantation.
2) How do snaks control the pests in oil palm plantations?
3)A bicycle dynamo supplies electrical energy to light the bulb in the bicycle.Explain how this happens.
4) Encik Ali adds more bricks to the baskets in order to finish the job faster .What is likely to happen?
5)The rubber stopper prevent heat loss by..................?
6)The pupils can use a thermometer to record the temperature of the water in th flask if data longger is not available.Explain th disadvantage of using a thermometer over a data longger.



1) owl 2) by eating the pests as its food 3) kinetic energy will occur when we cycling and turn to light energy 4)he must use more energy to finish his work faster 5)it is not accurate