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Jawapan Paling Bijak!
-Draw a diagram showing the given lines and points.

-Read carefully to determine the needed condition(s).

-Locate one point that satisfies the needed condition and plot it on your diagram.  

-Locate several additional points that satisfy the condition and plot them as well.  

-Plot enough points so that a pattern (a shape, a path) is starting to appear.

-Through these plotted points draw a dotted line to indicate the locus (or path) of the points.

-Describe in words the geometric path that appears to be the locus.

-If TWO conditions exist in your problem (a compound locus), repeat steps as above for the second condition ON THE SAME DIAGRAM.  

-Count the number of points where the two loci intersect.

(Where do the dotted lines cross?) 

And, the below diagrams showed the types of locus theorem:

-The locus of points at a fixed distance, d, from point P is a circle with the given point P as its center and d as its radius.

-The locus of points at a fixed distance, d, from a line, l, is a pair of parallel lines d distance from l and on either side of l.

-The locus of points equidistant from two points, P and Q, is the perpendicular bisector of the line segment determined by the two points.

-The locus of points equidistant from two parallel lines, l1 and l2 , is a line parallel to both l1 and  l2 and midway between them.

-The locus of points equidistant from two intersecting lines, l1 and l2, is a pair of bisectors that bisect the angles formed by l1 and l2 .

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First of all, there are 5 types of loci: 1) if you are given a point, you need to make a circle based on the measurement given to you by using a pair of compasses. 2) if you are given 2 points, you need make a parallel and straight line between them. 3) if you are given a line, you need to draw two parallel straight line at right side and left side of the point. 4) if you are given 2 straight parallel straight line, you need to make a line at the middle of them. 5) if you are given an angle e.g 'L' shape you need to bisect the angle by using a pair of compasses. i've tried my best to write a clear explanation for you. i hope you will understand what I'm trying to write about. try to imagine them and you will get the idea. best of luck. enjoy your PT3 :)
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thank you soo much,tommorrow i have math exam '-'
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