It was a Sunday morning. The sky was cloudy. A cool breeze was blowing. We decided to go on a picnic to the canal. It flows at a distance of two kilometers from our village. We were ten in all. We contributed ten rupees each. Kapil and Vishnu made all the arrangements. They purchased all the food and cold drinks from the market. Laughing, chatting and singing we sat out for the canal. We were there in less than thirty minutes.The canal was flowing at a gentle pace. The water was cool. We had brought some mangoes with us. We put them into cool water of the canal. We sat on the banks of the canal and played cards. Later we enjoyed the deliciously cool mangoes. We were in high spirits. We then took of our clothes and jumped into the canal. We had fun playing in cool water of the canal. We splashed water on one another. We played hide and seek in the water. Some went on to the bridge and jumped into the water. All of us felt carefree and happy. We played all sorts of tricks on each other. This went on for a pretty long time.By now we were hungry. We quickly dried ourselves and took out the food form the hamper. I laid out the food in separate plates. I served the food to everybody. We found a grassy plot and sat in circle. We relished every bite of the food.After the lunch we all decided to lie down in the sun. Some of us took out the pack of cards. This continued for two hours. In the evening we all had tea from our thermos flasks. We then had a singing competition everybody had to sing a song. But not all of us could sing well. We rode with laughter when a bad singer when a bad singer finished singing. Thereafter we had a free time. We ran around and climbed trees. Soon it was time to go. We packed our things and made our ways home.
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