Pre-1200 : Crazy tower jumper.
1200s : man lifting kites.
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Pre 1200 > From the very earliest of times man has has fascination with flight, and all civilizations have incorporated legends and tales of great flying heroes into their traditions and folklore. From the ancient and unfortunate Icarus tights up to the contemporary Superman, story tellers have embraced the wonder and the mystery of flight in the fabric of their creations. History records many eccentric individuals, too, who have tried to unravel the mysteries of flight with the aid of cloaks, feathers and church towers. For the most part these brave innovators have had very short careers.

1200s > The Chinese mastered the art of building and flying kites al least 3000 years ago and the flying of huge colorful kites was absorbed into the country's wonderfully rich culture. During the 13th century, adventurer Marco Polo witnessed huge kites that could lift humans into the air. Man-lifting kites would become fashionable again in 19th-centurt Europe.
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