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    My classmates and I went camping in the jungle.After awhile we feel bored and started to wandering around.We each took a backpack and followed the trail.As we walked on we took photographs and collected some interesting specimens for our school project.It was cool and quite dark in the jungle.When we reached a fork in the track.We took the path going up.We went deeper and deeper into the jungle.
   Soon the path disappeared and we realised we were lost.We walk on and on but we were lost. Melissa said we should not finish our foods and drinks in case we were lost.We tried our mobile phones but there was no reception.
  We heard the sound of water so we decided to find our ways towards the river .By the time we got it was dark.It was dangerous to move on so we decided to spend  a night by the river.We had some matches and collected some wood and made a fire to keep ourselves warm.
   In the morning  we followed the river downstream.It was only late in the afternoon when we finally reached an Orang Asli  settlement.We were so relieved. The Orang Asli were kind and took us back to the village.By then our parents had informed the police and everyone was looking for us.There so much to tell and remember about the experience of being lost in the jungle.

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