Ini Jawapan Diperakui

Jawapan diperakui mengandungi maklumat yang boleh dipercayai dan diharapkan yang dijamin dipilih dengan teliti oleh sepasukan pakar. Brainly mempunyai berjuta-juta jawapan berkualiti tinggi, semuanya disederhanakan dengan teliti oleh ahli komuniti kami yang paling dipercayai, tetapi jawapan diperakui adalah terbaik di kalangan terbaik.
Contohnya ialah :

   This a story about my cousins,Shafiq. He is very brave and kind person. He has a gold of heart. He always to lend a hand.
   One day,Shafiq went to a playground nearby his house. Out of the blue, he saw to men on the motorcycle snatched a woman's handbag. The woman fell on the ground. She shouted for help loudly.
   Immediately, Shafiq ran full speed and took the plate number of the motorcycle. The two men rod in their full speed to run away from the scene. Then , Shafiq helped the injured woman to get up. The woman's legs twisted and bleeding.
   Shafiq went home. He told to his parents about the incident. He asked his parents to help the woman. They brought the woman to the hospitals. His father drove his car and took the woman to the hospitals. Upon arrived in the hospital, doctor examined the woman's legs.
   The nurses cleaned the wound.After that,the doctor bandaged the woman's legs. He gave and injection and some medicine to the woman. After ward, the woman made a police report.
    The woman felt grateful. She thanked to Shafiq for his quick action. Shafiq was happy as happy as a lark because he had done such a good action on that day. His parents were proud of him as proud as a peacock.
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