zarul's health scare
1) busy-work-skip-meal
2) after work-fast food-oily but delicious
3) watching television-refused-bowling-put on weight
4) difficulty breathing-sweated-fainted
5) high cholesterol level-advised-change-lifestyle
6)drinking water-exercising-feels healthier



If somebody busy in work they must take skip meal. After work cannot take fast food, because it is oily but delicious. We cannot eat for delicious we must eat for our health. Except food we can't watching television. We can watch but we must divide our time. For an example: watch television an hour after that go to exercise. If we just eat and watching television put on our weight, difficulty breathing,sweated fainted and etc. Except this our cholesterol level be high.So i advised change lifestyle to be healthier. Not my advised only all of the doctor or counsselier  also advised us.Beside this we must drink more water and do exercise than only we feel healthier.