Introduction of informal letter:
EXAMPLE 1: How are you and your family? I hope that you are fine.
EXAMPLE 2: How's life with you/ I miss you and the time that we had together in                        our former school.
EXAMPLE 3: How are you? I hope you're keeping well. It 'd been quite some times                      since I last wrote to you.

Ending of informal letter:
EXAMPLE 1: Hope to hear from you soon.
EXAMPLE 2: Well, that's all for now. What' s new with you? Do tell me more about                      yourself in your next reply.
EXAMPLE 3: Anyway, I must finish now as it is time to go to bed. Take care and                       do stay in touch. Bye for now.
                                                                                         sender address
Dear (your friend,cousin,relatives name)
     How are you ?I hope you are fine.The reason I write this letter is to ....
     (Paragraph 2)
     (Paragraph 3)
I hope for your reply soon.Until then,take care.Goodbye