Example of essay story: Last weekend, my school organized a camping trip for the Form 1 Amanah students. I was very excited as I would be joining my friends on the trip. We went to our destination by bus and arrived at the campsite in the morning. My friend, Raju and I choise a spot and put up our tents by the river. After that, I started a fire while my teacher, Mr. Jason built a makeshift cupboard for us to store food. Earlier on before we went on the camping trip, we had learnt some basic survival skills from Mr. Jason and the knowledge proved very useful during the camp. Later, we went jungle trekking and saw many flora and fauna. Some of the flowers were very unique; I had never seen them before. Then we climbed a hill and had a picnic by a waterfall. We swam in the pool and had so much fun splashing each other with water. In the evening, we went fishing and caught some fish for dinner. My friend Ah Chong cooked the fish outdoors and we had a delicious dinner that night. The next morning, we woke up early and washed up. After that, we took down the tents and cleared the rubbish around the campsite. Then, we went home at ten o'clock by bus and had our breakfast along the journey. I had so much fun and will never forget this exciting trip.