Here are the problems that I see parents and their children facing. Many of these will surface in small children or they may not appear until children become teenagers:

- Social withdrawal and isolation
- Refusal to go to school
- Demanding and selfish attitude
- Disregard for rules, responsibilities and family functioning
- Poor study behavior and skills
- Unfocused or disruptive behavior in classroom
- Grades and school performance dropping
- Erratic or emotionally unstable behavior
- Poor hygiene and grooming
- Behavior is disrespectful or defiant
- Involved in high risk and reckless activities
- Using alcohol or other drugs
- Skipping school
- Stealing or theft
- Destructive, threatening or violent behavior
- Self-harming or suicidal behavior

The following is a partial list of potential solutions to avoid teenage problems:

- Self-help
- Parenting education and training
- Individual counseling and therapy
- Group counseling and therapy
- Parenting consultation and advice
- Family counseling and therapy
- Increased parental involvement and supervision
- Tutoring
- Special education programs
- Change schools
- Outdoor activities or adventure programs
- Move to a new area
- Parenting by other family members
- Foster care
- Health and human service case management
- Private school
- Day treatment therapy program
- Boarding school
- Therapeutic boarding school
- Residential treatment program
- Medication intervention
- Psychiatric hospitalization
- Police or law enforcement response
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