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Hye....ohh that easy...meaning of that is :
Sincerity means being completely honest about what you mean, and only those who have sincerity should use the related word sincerelyto describe their actions. If you sincerely want to swim in a lake, you’re not at all joking, which explains your bathing suit. You can usesincerely at the end of a letter too. “Dear Mom, I sincerely wish you would stop cutting my sandwiches into heart shapes. Sincerely yours, Kurt.” No doubt, Kurt sincerely means it....need anything else buddies???
why its so longer ,i know the answer,it is ikhlas right i just want to try another answer please make it to be shorter, thanks
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thanks your answer is better than me ,i want to apologize with you hihihi
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Meaning of sincerly is  like ,you"re doing something without hoping any rewards