hmm bole la.. sbb markah bi lagi tinggi dri bm.. knape??
uninstall laa.. wechat ade la
bagus la...saye dulu x penh blajar bi...
x pe..awq bg je id wc awq..
kira untung duluuu.. sye tahun nie langsong x bljar bi.. noorainsyahirah_


Based on the novel "How I Met Myself by David Hill, I admired John Taylor because he is a resposible person toward himself. He never stop looking for futher an information about his doppelganger eventhought his wife, Andrea does not want to help anymore. On top of that. he is also responsible toward his family. Eventhought the search made his life difficult and his relationship with his wife stained, he did not give up and pursing the subject. Lastly, he is a responsible husband. He feel guilty when he does not tell Andrea the truth about why he want to the bar to often. Based on the reason above, John's good traits made me admire him the most.
awq saye dh add awq dh kat wc...