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This novel is about three children, Lee, Raj and Sam who were excited about going to the fair. That night, Raj's father had agreed to take them there. they wanted to go on different rides at the fair. While Sam's father was agreeable with the trip, Lee's mother did not permit as she has no money to give Lee. The three friends thought of doing jobs to make money. They washed Sam's dad car but ended up making a mess and so were not paid. They walked Mrs Green's dog and were paid a pound. However, the one pound had to be used to pay for a ball bitten by the dog. Finally, Lee managed to get the money to go to the fair because he is honest. He returned a wallet which he found on the ground to its owner. He was rewarded with 5 pounds.
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you can find this synopsis.fairs fair.in book modul menguasai pt3.bahasa inggeris.form1.page 152.

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