Dr. Pierre Aronnax
The narrator, aged forty. He is a former medical doctor turned scientist and lecturer at the Museum of Paris. He is unmarried and childless. He resides in Paris with his manservant, Conseil. While lecturing in the United States, he is asked by the U.S. government to join the expedition aboard the Abraham Lincoln in search of the mysterious monster that has been attacking ships.


Aronnax’s domestic servant. He is thirty years old. He follows Aronnax on all of his voyages and never offers counsel. He is knowledgeable of science, yet has little practice. He never complains.

Ned Land
A Canadian traveling on the Abraham Lincoln. He is revered as the king of harpooners. He is forty years old, large, quiet, and angry when contradicted.

Captain Nemo
The commander of the Nautilus. He is a mysterious man. He is often moved to tears, yet easily angered. He is a brilliant man who was formerly an engineer. He designed the Nautilus himself. His nationality remains unknown to the narrator.