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A Trip to a Paradise Island
Last week, my family and I chose an interesting place for our second trip. We spent our vacations at Langkawi Island. At the night, Wepacked our things in the bag because we were going to left home in the morning. We went there by the bus and then we ride the ferry. It took so many hours to arrive there. I was sleepy on the journey to Langkawi Island. The weather is also nice. 
We arrived at Langkawi Island at 3.00 p.m. The scenery was very beautiful and the air also fresh. The island looks like a paradise and I think we chose the right place to spend our trip together. We tried to look the hotel because we were going to stay at a hotel for two days and one night. Later, we checked-in the hotel and the hotel workers also very nice. They know how to treat the customers. Their services were also good. Our room was big and nice. We can see the beach from our room. It’s really beautiful like a post card.
Next, I went to shower after taking a long journey to arrive here. The bathroom really cool and it is also large. The water is very clean and it makes my body more refreshing. My family and I were slept for a while because we felt tired. The bed very soft and it is very comfortable for us to sleep. At the night, we went to lunch at the restaurant and we took a variety of the foods that were prepared there. We ordered the foods that popular among the tourist. The taste of the foods were very delicious.
The next day, we went on the beach for a picnic. My mother prepared the foods to eat. We heard the musical notes of the waves and it makes our mind more calm. We also get to avoid ourselves from the sound of traffic that have in the city. We were also swimming and got to see the marine life in close proximity. I was happy because got a chance to see them. It felt like I was in the other realms. After that, we were having a barbecue by the shore. Many of sea-foods that we eat such as clams, fishes, prawns, cuttlefish and so on.
Besides, we visited some of the...

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