Three manThree men dine in a restaurant. The bill is RM30 and each man hands the waiter RM10. Later, the cashier realizes that there has been a mistake, the bill is RM25. The waiter is asked to return the men RM5. But it suddenly occurs to him that RM5 will be hard to divide among three people, so he keeps RM2 for himself and returns each of the men RM1. This means the men pay RM9 each, making it a total of RM27, and plus the Rm2 the waiter keeps, the final amount is RM29. Where has the extra RM1 gone? [SPM]



The answer is keep track of the money and don't be misled by the cashier assumption of RM27 being paid, but the meal cost is RM25

the meal cost = RM25
the remaining with the cashier = RM2
the remaining with the men = RM3

total up
= 25 + 2 + 3
= RM30